So come at our study center, read some book and get paid for this!.. what can be more easy? Well, it’s actually not that simple. Because we want that you deserve the member status. This is why, in order to become one of us, you will have to fulfill certain conditions and follow certain rules, as follows (here's a small resume of the official rules of the programme "you read - we pay you"):


1.    You must be between 16 and 26 years old.


2.    You must belong to a study institution, be it high school or university.


3.    In you are under 18, you will need your parent’s agreement to become a member.


4.    You will have to cumulate a minimum of 25 hours / month dedicated to reading books at our study center in order to get paid.


5.    In the eventuality that a member does not cumulate the minimum requirement of 25 hours / month for 3 consecutive months, he will lose his membership.


6.    In order for one to become a member, you will have a short interview with one of our colleagues, to see exactly which are your goals and how strong is your motivation. Before the interview, we will require the following documents:


⦁    An application form (a model one can get from our location)

⦁    Copy of the ID card

⦁    Parent’s approval (in case the candidate is under 18 years old)

⦁    A proof that the candidate belongs to a high school or university.


7.    The books brought from outside the study center are not subject for the present terms and conditions


8.    The members that want to use the study center’s space to do homework and projects for school are free to do so, but all this time will not add up to the “paid time”.


9.    In the “lecture room” the access is forbidden with phones, tablets or laptops. All these gadgets will be left in custody at the bar and will be given backupon departure.


What are we interested in? We want to repay your effort to become smarter. We want you to start reading some books and not waste precious time, Even if you can’t see the results immediately, there will come a time when all this reading will have a positive impact.


 The final propose of the project is not reading, but thinking, the last including the first one. We want a society in which the general culture not to be a rarity, and the inteligence to become an important point of character. The teens who read are the adults who think. And we want a better future.

“Gandesti?” is financed by our NGO, Revo Alpin, who at the same time gets its resources from the companies: Gefil S.A. (, Revo PSI ( and Rclub Bucharest (

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