Q: If I want to have some coffee at the center do I need a membership?

A: No. The café and terrace and free spaces where people can talk, exchange ideas, have some of our drinks, talk on the phone, etc.


Q: What kind of drinks do you serve?

A: Exclusively non-alcoholic. The presence of students under 18 years and the atmosphere that we have created have nothing in common with the consumption of alcohol.


Q: I come, I read a book, I stay for a while and I get paid for this?

A: As a general principle, yes. But it’s not that simple. You have to be serious and accept our rules. Also you have to get a membership. You have to like to do this activity and learn the benefits of this project. The terms and conditions will be applied at any time.


Q: From where does “Gandesti?” have money to finance this project?

A: “Gandesti?” belongs to the NGO we call Revo Alpin. Any NGO gets financed by persons or companies and has to use them for a precise purpose without making profit. Our purpose is encouraging reading and thinking.


Q: What else can we do at the center?

A: We can organize any kind of activities related to our concept: presentations, debates, case studies, other NGO’s meetings, etc. Upon request the study center can be completely rented for events. For this please ask our staff.

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