Do you want to get involved?

Here is how you can help us:


-          Drink your coffee at our place. All the profit will go in financing the members and developing the center. “Gandesti” is not a business.


-          Get to know the people that visit us. You will discover that they are people that know how to think and that you have a lot in common. Many ideas will be exchanged.


-          Get involved in our projects. Our NOG will not only have some members that we will finance. We want to do a lot more in the future. About our projects you can read at Blog category.


-          Recommend us to others that you consider might be interested.


-          Finance us. All the persons and companies that do this will have access all the time at the documents that prove how the money is spent. Our account is RO91 BUCU 1131 2159 4015 6RON, Alpha Bank Ploiesti, in the name of Revo Team Adventures.


-          Come up with ideas for new projects. Together we can apply them.


-          Send us your CV. Both us and the companies that finance us need good labor force.


And last but not least…


Read! Learn! Open your mind! Get smarter and use your intelligence!

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