“Gandesti?” project is unique in Romania and it represents our way of investing directly in the education of young people and not only.


Our place is divided as follows:


-          The café and terrace: here, we invite our clients to taste one of our non-alcoholic drinks. One can chose between a variety of 30 products: coffees, teas, fresh juice and other non-alcoholic drinks. The people who visit us can either read a book or have some discussions, solve different tasks from school or from the office and also get to know each other. Because we address to a certain category of people who for sure would like to exchange some ideas.


-          The “reading room” is dedicated exclusively to our category M1 members (please see the page “Members). Here we encourage the young people to spend some time reading one or more of our books, that we can lend for a certain cost. “For a certain cost” meaning that that for every hour spent here, the members will get paid with 10 RON / hour. In order to become a member it’s only necessary to fulfill certain conditions, the way they are described on the “Members” page.


-          The “conference room” is dedicated to meetings (including business) and events that we will host: debates, case studies, presentations, etc.


If you are a M1 category member, we are looking forward to your visit. You should be reading more and waste less time on activities that don’t bring you any benefits. You will get smarter and you will get to know more about people like Darius the Great, Pitagora, Vasile Alecsandri, Mark Twain, Stradivarius and many more. You will learn more about literature, history, geography and any other subject that might interest you. We can host up to 10.000 books from which you can choose.


And you will get paid for this. You will receive 10 RON / hour if you respect the members’ terms and conditions. You will have some extra money that you can use at your convenience. This is what we understand by investing directly in education and culture.

If you need a space for a business meeting or for a presentation or simply a discussion in a more intimate space, the “conference room” is at your disposal.


But we also want to invite you for a coffee inside or on the terrace. You will discover a most pleasant atmosphere and some very nice people that belong to “Gandesti?” concept. Because we address to teachers and doctors, businessmen and lawyers, economists and judges, managers and artists.. we address all people who like to use their minds and who like thinking. And we believe that they should stick together. This is why they are welcome at our study center.


But it’s no use to write novels here. We are looking forward to your visit and to further presenting you our project.


“Gandesti?” is financed by our NGO, Revo Alpin, who at the same time gets its resources from the companies: Gefil S.A. (www.gefil.ro), Revo PSI (www.revo-psi.ro) and Rclub Bucharest (www.r-club.ro).

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